CPI-ML New Democracy


UP committee of CPI(ML) New Democracy has strongly condemned the continuing acts of violence by BJP leaders against Muslims and Muslim vendors in villages. Despite official stance of the govt. and announcements by BJP and RSS to the contrary, this trend of communal attacks is continuing in several rural areas where Muslims are being targeted for spread of Corona. It only shows that the official stance of RSS and BJP is only for propaganda purpose for select quarters.

Several videos are spreading absolutely unsubstantiated allegations of a Muslim vendor spitting on and selling vegetables and fruits and the police has failed to book the person who issued it. BJP MLA from Charkhari, Mahoba,  Brijbhushan Rajput is the second law maker to attack a Muslim vegetable vendor. Earlier BJP MLAs, Suresh Tiwari from Barhaj had uploaded a video urging boycott of Muslim vendors.

Yesterday’s targeting of West Bengal govt. by BJP General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya for low testing of Corona infection, saying Muslims are not being tested shows the real intent of the RSS and BJP, whose govt. has bitterly failed to provide even food, water and shelter to people forced into lock down.

CPI(ML) calls upon the govt. to declare complete demographic details of Corona patients and infected persons so that people know if the Corona virus has any communal or caste affinity. Science believes it cannot. But since BJP leaders are making communal use of Corona, govt must come out with facts.

This targeting is totally without basis and is meant to divert attention of the people from the real problems at hand. The govt must come clean and take strict action against these persons spreading communal hatred. The govt must immediately mobilize food and work for all persons in villages and open up all small businesses.

CPI(ML) appeals to all democratic and progressive forces and instructs its cadres to stop all such incidents of attacks on Muslims and lodge complaints in related police stations.

(Dr. Ashish Mital)


30th  April, 2020