CPI-ML New Democracy

UP Govt Decisions anti People, Pro MNCs

UP Committee of CPI(ML) New Democracy has severally criticized the UP Govts’ orders to raise the prices of diesel and petrol, the changes made in implementation of labour laws and in the rules of Damage to Public and Private Properties (Recovery) Act yesterday.

It is not clear as to how fighting the Covid-19 virus will become easier by increasing lawlessness of industrialists in implementation of labour rights. These changes will help the capitalists to hire and fire without settlement, to retrench workers, to decrease wages and to deprive due rest and other facilities. It will create further hardship for workers.

RSS, BJP govt of Uttar Pradesh has made these changes to attract investment of foreign capital which means it is intending to further increase control of foreign exploiters over our natural resources, markets and banks. It highlights the anti people character of RSS and BJP and its subservience to Imperialists.

Severe economic crisis in the country and UP requires that the govt should ban MNCs and directly invest to develop village life, agriculture and agro processing under control of peasantry, govt run health services, education, higher and technical education, Solar energy on roof tops to provide free electricity to people and conserve greenery, water resources and environment. This will create adequate employment, provide income to poor people and build up local markets. Unpatriotic outlook of BJP and RSS is on full display.

(Dr. Ashish Mital)