Month: February 2020

Democratic Rights

Delhi High Court’s Justice Murlidhar Made to Pay for Refusing to Kneel!

That is the sole message which the Supreme Court Collegium is sending to the people of India. Moreover it is sending a signal to the Judiciary. The Collegium has transferred three Judges of three different High Courts whereas senior judges are not so transferred normally. And as is the practice […]

CPI-ML New Democracy Imperialism Middle East

Trump Plan on Palestine : Dead on Arrival

On January 28, 2020 US President Trump with Netanyahu on his side announced his blueprint to liquidate the national aspirations of Palestinians. His Admn. called this alleged Arab-Israel Peace Plan as “deal of the century”. But this was essentially a deal between Trump and Netanyahu, representatives of the most rabid […]

CPI-ML New Democracy

Editorial ND February 2020

Initiate and Participate in Protests against CAA-NRC-NPR Protests against CAA-NRC-NPR have become a people’s movement. RSS-BJP rulers, like all anti-people rulers, had grossly underestimated the strength of the people’s resolve. Drunk with power and driven by their fascist Hindu Rashtra dream, they moved to change the very character of India, […]

Democratic Rights IFTU

IFTU Condems Police Violence on Jamia Students Protest March

The Jamia Coordination Committee held a Press Conference today, 12th February 2020, and described the violence wrecked against the students under the aegies of  Delhi Police  when they wanted to march to Parliament from their University on 10th Feb. The spokespersons said that they had continually approached the concerned officials […]


Union Budget 2020-21 : Betrayal of Peasants and Rural Economy

Bhalachandra Shadangi The Union Budget 2020-21 presented by the Finance Minister on Saturday is in continuation with the disastrous policies of Modi led BJP-RSS Govt and has offered no relief to the common people reeling under severe unemployment, steep rise in prices, agricultural distress and crashing of rural wages. The […]