Month: August 2020

CPI-ML New Democracy

Homage to Com. K. Narsimha Reddy

Senior communist revolutionary leader of CPI(ML)-New Democracy Com Kandala Narasimha Reddy expired on 25.8.2020 in his village Rajaram, Thirumalayapalem, Khammam district, Telangana. He had suffered heart attack. He was 80 years old. He joined revolutionary movement in 1969 and became a professional revolutionary. He arranged shelters for the main leaders […]


IFTU Organized in KADAPA district, AP

The founding meeting of IFTU was successfully held on 25-8-2020 in Kadapa city, hq. of YSR Kadapa District, AP. It was presided over by W. Ramu.  Many cadres and activists who worked in other TUs since long back, had decided to join IFTU. In this light, this meeting was organized in the […]