CPI-ML New Democracy

Homage to Com. K. Narsimha Reddy

Senior communist revolutionary leader of CPI(ML)-New Democracy Com Kandala Narasimha Reddy expired on 25.8.2020 in his village Rajaram, Thirumalayapalem, Khammam district, Telangana. He had suffered heart attack. He was 80 years old. He joined revolutionary movement in 1969 and became a professional revolutionary. He arranged shelters for the main leaders of the revolutionary movement at the time.

From 1969 his village was a center village for agrarian revolutionary movement. This village bordered Nalagonda and impact of Telangana armed peasant struggle was big on this village. In that phase Com. CP Reddy, Com. P. Ramanarsaiah, Com. Batula, Com. Mallareddy had close relations with this village and influenced Com. KNR. Martyr Com. P. Srihari belonged to this village. Madhusudan Reddy, courier of CP and PR during Emergency also belonged to this village. M Venkat Reddy of this village was Khammam dist. Secretary. Arunodaya State President Com. Naganna comes from this village.

Com. KNR played an active role in anti feudal movement in this area and participated in anti- landlord struggles against Vunnam Nageswarao, Bachodu, Gygollapally landlords. He faced several cases. He was arrested during Emergency and also in 1984. In 1980 Com. KNR was elected as DLC member of the Party and Dist. President of RCS. In 1989 he was Party candidate for MP election. Upto the end of life he remained committed to revolutionary politics and party.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy pays homage to the revolutionary memory of this veteran comrade.