Month: April 2022

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On Twelfth Death Anniversary of Com. Pyla Vasudev Rao: Vigorous Efforts to Develop Struggles for New Democratic Revolution is the Homage to Revolutionary memory of Com. Pyla Vasudev Rao

Twelve years back, on April 11, 2010 communist revolutionary movement of the country and CPI(ML)-New Democracy lost a stalwart, Com. Pyla Vasudev Rao. A leader of the Srikakulam Girijan Armed Upsrising, Com. Pyla Vasudev Rao put everything to revive Srikakulam movement on the basis of revolutionary mass line after setback […]

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Sri Lanka: Lions Roar as “Things Fall Apart”

People’s Upsurge Against Neoliberal, Majoritarian Rajapakses’ Authoritarianism Economic crisis leading to disruption of people’s lives and collapse of their livelihood has resulted in a political crisis in our Southern neighbour, Sri Lanka. Everything is going wrong for the people and they are rising against the ruling family, Rajapakses, who monopolize […]