CPI-ML New Democracy, Democratic Rights

Condemn Arrest of Com. Madhu and others, Demand Withdrawal of UAPA cases

Central Committee of Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) – New Democracy strongly condemns the arrest of Com. Madhu, Com. K. Prasad and Com. Y. Shantha Rao on July 26 in Mehboobabad district of Telengana. CPI (ML)-New Democracy also denounces the UAPA slapped against these comrades. Slapping of UAPA is part of attack on the tribals and other forest dwellers in Telengana.

KCR led TRS Govt. in Telengana has launched a serious criminal attack against the tribals living in forest areas of Telengana. Land which tribals have been cultivating for generations are being occupied by the forest department through police and on the direction of TRS Govt. Huts in which their families are living for decades are being demolished. Tribal women and men are being beaten, arrested and false cases foisted against them. A reign of terror is being let loose on the tribal people and other poor inhabitants of forest areas in Telengana.

Tribals are obviously resisting this blatant and cruel attack on their lands and livelihood. In this they are being supported and led by a number of organizations including CPI (ML) – New Democracy. In the areas of erstwhile districts of Warangal and Khammam, now falling under several districts, CPI (ML) – New Democracy has been supporting and leading tribal resistance to save their land and means of livelihood. TRS Govt. is trying to crush the resistance of tribals and other poor forest dwellers. TRS Govt. is targeting leaders of activists of CPI (ML)-New Democracy as part of its attempts to dispossess the tribals. Arrest of CPI (ML)-ND leader Com. Madhu and two other activists under UAPA has exposed the sinister design of KCR and his Govt. against tribals of forest areas.

Com. Madhu is Secretary of the Regional Committee and a State Committee leader of CPI (ML)-New Democracy. He is a popular and recognized leader of the people of the Agency areas. He has organized many struggles of the people and has been one of the main organizers of the tribal resistance to TRS Govt.’s drive to dispossess them of their podu lands and destroy their livelihood. He has led a vigorous mass campaign in defense of podu lands.

At the time of movement for the formation of Telengana province, TRS had made so many promises to the people of Telengana and that movement had incorporated so many demands for the people, but after coming to power KCR led TRS has gone back on its promises and betrayed the spirit of the movement for Telengana state. KCR Govt. is taking away land from tribals to ultimately hand it over to foreign and domestic corporate. KCR Govt. is patronizing land Mafia and all sorts of anti-social elements attacking the people.

CPI (ML)-New Democracy which had played an important role in the movement for separate Telengana, has opposed TRS Govt.’s going back on its promises, betrayal of the spirit of that movement and its anti-people policies. This has angered KCR and his Govt. has targeted CPI (ML)-New Democracy leaders and cadres.

Telengana State Committee of CPI (ML)-New Democracy has condemned these arrests and foisting of UAPA cases.

Foisting of cases against revolutionary activists under UAPA is a sinister design of the ruling classes. UAPA cases have been foisted against anti-displacement activists in Niyamgiri (Odisha), Bhangur (West Bengal) besides of thousands of tribals in Chhatisgarh, Odisha, Jharkhand and Maharashtra and others.

UAPA is a draconian law wielded by the ruling classes of country against the struggling people. Enacted in 1967, it has been made even more repressive after amendments in 2004, 2008 and 2012. UAPA represents a cruel attack on the democratic rights of the people, particularly where they dare to struggle against the govts. This law must be repealed totally.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy Central Committee appeals to all revolutionary and democratic forces to unite in demanding repeal of this law and its use against people’s struggles. We also demand that all false cases against leaders and activists of people’s struggles should be withdrawn immediately.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy Central Committee calls upon all revolutionary, progressive and democratic organizations to condemn the arrest of leaders of tribal movement including Com. Madhu and demand withdrawal UAPA cases against them.

Central Committee, CPI(ML)-New Democracy

July 28, 2017