March in Support of RTC Strike

The call “Chalo Tank Bund” given by the RTC JAC for November 9 went off successfully. As part of the strike of the RTC workers the JAC plus the mass organisations and political parties took up a programme like the Million March in the Telangana agitation. Huge police bandobust was made and barbed wire barricades were erected to prevent anyone from entering the bund. Arrests of RTC workers, leaders of parties and mass organisations were made yesterday in the districts to prevent people from coming to Hyderabad. Many of our comrades were arrested yesterday in districts.

Despite all this many RTC workers somehow reached Hyderabad and this time again, like in the Million March we were the first to break the cordon and enter tank bund followed by hundreds of RTC workers. There was lathi charge in which many were injured-our Khammam leader Com. Ashok got his two fingers fractured, Hanmesh and one comrade from Nizambad were hit on their legs. One woman RTC worker suffered an injury on her nose.
RTC workers particularly the women put up good resistance.