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Protest Against Bulldozer Raj and Implication of Activists; Unitedly Rise Against Onslaught of Fascist Rulers

As was widely expected after assembly elections in February March 2022, ruling RSS-BJP has intensified its fascist campaign to crush all dissent under the boots of security forces. RSS-BJP has made the most populous province of Uttar Pradesh an advanced laboratory of their Hindutva fascism. Their campaign has been widened to disturb and destroy the economic life of a section of the citizens of the country- Muslims. The attack is no longer confined to incarcerating people in prisons on trumped up charges, to unleashing police brutalities including killing in firing, to denying every semblance of democratic rights. These measures continue and are intensified but also the ambit is enlarged to destroy their property and means of livelihood. This is aimed at terrorizing the whole community. The Bulldozer has emerged as a new symbol of fascist rulers who are also crushing under it the very concept of India as enshrined in the Constitution. RSS-BJP Govt. is working overtime to close the democratic space which was opened by historic farmers’ movement against three black Agricultural acts and Electricity Bill. The breach is not only being repaired but cemented over.

Ruling RSS-BJP has asserted their right to destroy the means of livelihood and places to live of those who dare challenge their communal fascist agenda. It is all done in the name of demolishing illegal constructions and it is the Admn. run by RSS-BJP which decides what is an illegal construction. This linkage is meant to crush the very right to dissent what if it is written in the Constitution and guaranteed by laws of the land. Reddis and rickshaws, means of earning livelihood of many urban poor, are not only removed but crushed by bulldozers as in Jahangirpuri and several other places in Delhi. Notices are issued with back date and no opportunity is given to the person targeted. The victims know of the action when it is actually done i.e. when bulldozers come to demolish their residences. By linking the very right to means of livelihood and shelter to the exercise of the right to protest, fascist rule has taken the present attack further. This pattern has become familiar for several months in the RSS-BJP ruled states.

When BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma hurled insults on Prophet Mohammed and BJP media cell chief Navin Jindal tweeted insults, they were doing what has been the routine exercise on the part of the functionaries of ruling dispensation. This attack came in the backdrop of intensifying attacks on the Muslim minority in the country. It widened the ambit from Muslims in India to Islam itself. However, this attack was resented by a number of Muslim majority countries especially countries of West Asia. Their opposition unnerved the ruling dispensation in the context of volatile international situation and some token actions were taken against the erring functionaries. But this did not and could not signify any correction on behalf of the ruling dispensation. The ‘correction’ they have made is that they have intensified attacks on Muslims to correct any impression that so-called action against BJP functionaries is anything but for international audiences.

Protests against insults to Prophet are being held in many parts of the country and these are being crushed with severity using disproportionate force. In crushing these protests, the activists who had participated in the people’s protests against CAA-NRC-NPR are being falsely implicated in the protests. This is being deliberately done to punish them for daring to raise their voice against acts of this Govt. In Prayagraj (earlier Allahabad), AIKMS General Secretary Com. Ashish Mital has been falsely named as a participant in the protest on 10th June 2022 and senior police official have charged him and others for instigating violence. Police and Admn. did not hide that this is being done to punish him for supporting protests against CAA-NRC-NPR. This is being done with scant regard to facts e.g. Com. Ashish had been in the Court the whole day having been summoned for threat of breach of peace and Admn. has been well aware of this. Buildings of so-called masterminds of protests in Prayagraj and Saharanpur have been demolished. They also displayed their patriarchal attitude when they demolished the house in Prayagraj to punish an activist though the house belonged to his wife.

Bulldozer raj marks the new phase of rule of fascists and UP has emerged as the advanced laboratory for their Hindutva, Gujarat having been the first laboratory of RSS-BJP. The same Yogi Govt. is doing everything to protect Union Minister ‘Teni’ accused of organizing crushing of agitating farmers under a car. There have been increased attacks against Dalits, Tribals and women.

It is noteworthy that higher judiciary is not being seen doing enough to protect people’s rights under the Constitution and laws of the land. It is especially significant as these attacks are being launched in the name of enforcing laws and regulations.

Intensification of these attacks is being done at a time when condition of the people is worsening. Unemployment has risen to alarming levels. Rise in the prices of essential commodities has further increased burden on the people. The unsettled international situation continues to contribute to increasing hardships of the people. Fearing people’s unrest, RSS-BJP has been forced to reduce special excise duty on petroleum products which it had imposed when crude prices were low in the international market, but they are acutely aware of the growing restiveness of the people. They may be unnerved how economic hardships have demolished the hegemony over power in Srilanka of Rajapakshe clan who thrived on consolidation of Sinhala Buddhist chauvinists. RSS-BJP’s attacks to close the democratic space for the expression of people’s anger represent both their desperation as well as design.

These attacks call for a serious fight back to protect the democratic rights of people, right to life and means of livelihood of minorities, and to fight the attacks on the means of livelihood of common people. These attacks call for a united response from all the forces opposed to these attacks even including those who have been and also those who have not been steadfast in their opposition. The attack is very thorough and intense and hence response has to be commensurate to the attack.

CPI (ML)-New Democracy condemns demolition of properties of Muslims and demands end to bulldozer raj.

CPI (ML)-New Democracy condemns framing of false cases against activists who had participated in the protests against CAA-NRC-NPR including Com. Ashish Mital, General Secretary of AIKMS and demands immediate withdrawal of such false cases against him and other activists.

CPI (ML)- New Democracy calls on all forces- political parties and mass organizations and individuals- to unite to oppose this brutal attack on the minorities especially Muslims. Let all rise against this fascist onslaught including attacks on the rights of states.

CPI (ML)-New Democracy calls for intensification of the struggle of different sections of people to safeguard their interests from the attacks from the fascist rulers.

Central Committee,

CPI (ML)-New Democracy

June 14, 2022