Year: 2020

CPI-ML New Democracy

Editorial ND February 2020

Initiate and Participate in Protests against CAA-NRC-NPR Protests against CAA-NRC-NPR have become a people’s movement. RSS-BJP rulers, like all anti-people rulers, had grossly underestimated the strength of the people’s resolve. Drunk with power and driven by their fascist Hindu Rashtra dream, they moved to change the very character of India, […]

PMS POW Women Rights

Call For 8th March 2020

Intensify Struggle for Gender Equality Enshrined in Constitution! Despite over 72 years since 1947, what is the situation of gender equality in India?  The question begins with sex selection operating before birth, misusing scientific advances. It continues into unequal opportunities to survive, as economic factors coupled with social bias lead […]