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CPI-ML New Democracy


This morning, i.e. on 17th December, residents of Seelampur, a Muslim majority residential colony in East Delhi, planned a local rally through the area with a mass meeting on the Seelampur-Jaffrabad road. Protests had been on in the colony almost daily against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and NRC. Today the […]

CPI-ML New Democracy

Initiate and Participate in the Struggle Against Citizenship Amendment & NRC

Mobilize the people against Hindutva Fascism People’s anger against blatantly communal, patently anti-people and brazenly anti-Constitutional amendment to Citizenship Act by RSS-BJP Govt., has seen outbursts of people’s anger at several places in the country. People everywhere are opposing this measure, a part of RSS’s Hindu Rashtra project, but at […]

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Case against CPI(ML)-ND Leader in UP

UP Committee of CPI(ML) New Democracy has condemned UP police for targeting more than 4000 persons for expressing their opinion on the Supreme Court’s 5 Judge bench judgement on the Ayodhya issue. UP police is specially targeting dissent in order to project widespread unanimity and acceptance of the judgement, which […]

CPI-ML New Democracy

Particulate Matter in the Air and Concern of the Ruling Elite

While people of several cities in the country including capital Delhi choked on the air oversaturated with particulate matter, the ruling elite of the country could ultimately pin down the culprit behind this sordid conspiracy, the poor peasant of Punjab and also of Haryana. The exercise undertaken by the govts. […]

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CPI(ML)-New Democracy Demands Action Against Police For Violence Against Lawyers in Delhi

On Saturday last, the 2nd of November, Delhi Police personnel launched a full scale assault on lawyers in the Tees Hazari District Court of Delhi on a flimsy excuse and even resorted to police firing within the Court compound. Three lawyers who were injured in the firing are still in Hospitals […]