Month: October 2016

CPI-ML New Democracy

Manufacturing Truth : The way Imperialists combated Chinese Revolution & GPCR

Amit Chakraborty   On 1st October, 1949 Com. Mao Ze Dong proclaimed the creation of People’s Republic of China and declared liberation of one fourth of mankind. Eight months to this great victory in February 1949, Com. Mao had his maiden appearance in ‘Time magazine’ with the headline ‘Communist boss […]

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CPI(ML)-New Democracy Condemns killing of CPI(Maoist) leaders

The claim by the Govt. of killing 28 persons belonging to CPI (Maoist) on Andhra Pradesh-Odisha border on October 24th 2016 has raised several important questions which have grave implications for the democratic rights of the people. Govt.’s claims have been disputed by several intellectuals and democratic rights’ activists. There […]

CPI-ML New Democracy Imperialism Kashmir NDA Protests

Oppose Warmongering by BJP Govt., Foil Communal Conspiracies of RSS-BJP

Chest thumping by ruling BJP leaders over so-called surgical strikes carried out by Indian Army on the morning of September 29, 2016. Prime Minister Modi, Defense Minister Parriker and a host of ministers and BJP & RSS leaders have claimed these to be proof of new assertiveness of the BJP […]